101 things I learned during my career (that might help you in yours)

Throughout the last two decades, I have had the privilege to work for some remarkable leaders and amazing companies and I made a lot of experiences that did not only help me become a better leader but also a better person. I always wanted to write about my incredible journey once I’m retired but many of you encouraged me to not wait until then so I decided to start publishing some of my insights here on LinkedIn. I have no scientific evidence for my findings and what works for me might not work for others. I do hope though that you find my thoughts stimulating enough to try adopting one or the other in your own environment. Let me know how it works for you and please challenge me with your own views.

So here’s the first of these 101 things: Improve your strengths, not your weaknesses. How often did we all work on our development plans trying to come up with an action plan to improve one or the other “areas of improvements” we discussed with our line manager? And how often did we, a year later, struggle to define a measurable improvement? I certainly did more than once and eventually stopped signing on plans I knew in advance would never yield any tangible results. The problem with all those well-meant plans was that they were all focusing on my weaknesses: “develop strategic thinking” was (and still is) one of the areas I simply suck at; I’m not good a developing an abstract vision of the future and put an action plan in place to reach it one far day. And as much as I tried, most of my peers are still way better at it than I am. I hence decided to focus on what I’m good at: getting things done. Realizing that this is one of my greatest skills and concentrating on it allowed me to choose jobs that require execution rather than planning. And realizing that I’m not good at strategic thinking allowed me to surround myself with people who have this talent. Today I consciously use everything I’m naturally good at and try to get better at it; at the same time, I get people into my team who mitigate my soft spots with their natural talents.

Not a big deal you think? Well then go ahead and confess to your team and your boss what you’re not good at, what bores you, and what you will never really get any better at. Get the people on board who complement your skills. And change your job if your talent doesn’t match with its requirements!

Oh and by the way: various studies have shown that when we focus on developing our strengths, we grow faster than when trying to improve our weaknesses. Plus, people who use their strengths are happier, less stressed, and more confident. Worth a try?

We Are Not The Biggest,
But That's What Makes Us The Best

From the start, we made an ethical promise to maintain the same professional levels of service with every one of our partners and customers. Because we understand that in business, professionalism means ‘care’. Realistically, it meant we’d never be the biggest. Strategically, it meant we could be the best.

With our partner-centric, personalized-solution approach supporting the global life-sciences industry with the most efficient market-access solutions, we champion our customers throughout every aspect of the supply chain, focusing to make each step of the way as efficient as possible for all parties.

The expertise of the highly qualified team of pharmacists at Arabian Ethicals matches the standards we expect from our products, ensuring every aspect of the company is of the highest quality.

We apply the same standards when serving hospitals, pharmacies, health centers, and private clinics throughout UAE, using years of experience and strategic planning to assist our partners with all aspects of operation.Our services cover regulatory requirements, marketing & advertising, innovative distribution networks, product launches, and obtaining the regulatory approvals required for bringing drugs into the market.

Major product areas:

Analgesics | Antibiotics | Anti-inflammatory | Anti-pyretic | Cardiovascular Herbal
| Hormones | Hypolidemics | Vitamins & mineral supplements

Our animal health division occupies a strong market position due to its long- standing role in marketing animal health & care products.

With highly qualified eterinarians at the helm working closely with customers and suppliers, the division possesses a unique blend of expertise that makes us excel in identifying and satisfying customer needs. By adopting this creative, professional marketing approach, the animal health division can provide high-grade products that enhance the health of farm & companion animals while maintaining standards of operations, customer service, and ethics that exceed customer expectations.

A dedicated team of sales and marketing professionals is geared to respond to our customer’s changing market needs and drive increased market share, while investments in many supply-chain innovations have improved our delivery performance.

It’s these investments in excellence that have made us a hallmark distribution service, poised to fulfill the uture needs of trusted partners by delivering longterm value to customers, partners, employees, and shareholders.


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