You can now get your medicines at your doorstep in Dubai


Home-delivery of medications is a feature that will provide added comfort to patients.

Free medication delivery service Dawa’ee will be available for patients who visit the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) hospitals and health facilities.

The DHA said that patients who have a valid prescription from a DHA health facility and are Emiratis or have a valid ENAYA or SAADA health insurance programme, are eligible for this service. They can log onto the DHA website and request for the home delivery service. They need to provide a preferred date of delivery, last appointment details and customer information.

Humaid Al Qutami, director-general of the DHA, said: “Patient centric care and patient convenience are important priorities of the DHA. Over the last few years, pharmaceutical services across the DHA has seen a shift towards smart technology and smart pharmacy. We aim to continue in that direction. Home-delivery of medications is a feature that will provide added comfort to patients, particularly those who require medicines on a regular basis to treat conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, the elderly and people of determination.”

Dr Ali Al Sayed, director of the pharmaceutical services department at the DHA, said: “We are proud to offer this service to our patients. We constantly aim to further improve patient experience and comfort, we now have five smart pharmacies that has helped not only patients but also has made the system more efficient and has helped pharmacists as well. The addition of the home-delivery service will help provide patients with added convenience.

Al Qutami thanked Dr Mohamed Kouta, general manager at City Pharmacy; Dr Atif Amer, CEO of Modern Pharmaceutical Company; Dr Azza El-Sueisssy, executive manager at Pharmatrade; and Dr Stephan Stauffer, general manager at Arabian Ethicals, for their sponsorship and support towards the Dawaee initiative.



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