Effective and efficient, pharma supply chain management
Arabian Ethicals is a leading Pharma & FMCG Distributor in the UAE. Through years of experience and strategic planning, we serve hospitals, pharmacies, health centers, and private clinics throughout the UAE
Consumer brands with a wider market reach
Prompt delivery, effective logistics, and a creative sales and marketing team have bolstered our consumer health division to its status as a prime vendor.
Healthy & well-cared for animals contribute to growing communities
We distribute state of the art vaccines, antibiotics and treatments for all kinds of animals




We May Not Be The Biggest
& That's What Makes Us The Best!

Our ethical promise is to maintain the same professional levels of service with every one of our partners and clients. Because we understand that in business, professionalism means ‘care’, Arabian Ethicals makes great strides in caring for its clients and partners alike.


Driven by innovation
United by diversity
Success through passion

Brands we represent:

Why Arabian Ethicals?

We pride ourselves on extensive knowledge of local markets and direct access to policymakers, stakeholders and key contacts within the healthcare industry.

Armed with a fleet of 16, certified, temperature calibrated and GPS tracked vehicles, Arabian Ethicals offers 100% UAE-wide coverage of all healthcare facilities.

Our dedicated sales & marketing team caters to 3 different specialities: pharma, consumer and animal health. Working alongside is our medical promotion team with highly qualified medical representatives focused on demand generation and product awareness.

At Arabian Ethicals we believe that our success is tied to your success. It is through this principle, we align our business resources and internal metrics to effectively support our partners and clients.

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Arabian Ethicals Pharmacovigilance Form

Using this form healthcare professionals can report any suspected Adverse Reaction (AR), Medication Error (ME) and Adverse Event experienced from any of the drug product within the stipulated timeframe as defined in DoH policies, even if reporters are not certain that the particular medicinal product was the cause.

Unintended adverse effects, drug abuse, overdose, interaction (including drug-drug and drug-food interactions) and unusual lack of therapeutic efficacy are all considered to be reportable suspected Adverse Reactions (AR).
A. Patient Details (See Confidentiality section)
B. Medical products used:
C. Adverse Reaction
G. Reporter Details.